About Us



A world where playful self-expression is intrinsically tied to quality, comfort and, wherever possible, a dramatic entrance.


At BBYWINK, we are on a mission to create the ultimate anime, cosplay, and gaming-inspired eyelashes: motivated by the dramatic look you want; made with the natural feel you deserve.

About Us

Manga lashes are unique, eye-catching, and up until now, made with stiff, heavy mink material. But not anymore – At BBYWINK, we’re changing the rules of the game by creating the very first specifically designed anime lashes that are made from high-quality, cruelty-free vegan silk material to ensure you enjoy a flexible, soft, light-weight and natural feel. Achieve the show-stopping look you want without sacrificing comfort or beauty. 

Founded by the same dedicated owners of the all-inclusive, high-quality anime, cosplay and gaming-inspired lingerie and clothing brand, MOEFLAVOR, BBYWINK was created to elevate your costume experience with dramatic lashes that encourage your greatest self-expression. 

With all designs carried out in-house, you are always guaranteed to find exclusive and unique eyelash options at BBYWINK to complete your look. Our lashes are made with the highest quality silk material, don’t lift up once they’re pressed on, and, with proper care, can be reused up to 20 times. 
We believe you were born to stand out. That’s where BBYWINK comes in. Designed to take you places, BBYWINK lashes will bring your imagination to life. 



  • Reliability
  • We know the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether your lashes are on firmly. Rest assured our lashes are designed to mold securely to your eyes without hurting your skin. So light, flexible, and soft, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Plus, we offer super fast domestic processing and shipping so you can always count on BBYWINK to come through.


  • Quality
  • At BBYWINK, we design and develop high-quality lashes made of ultrafine long-lasting silk. With a thin and flexible lash band that molds to your unique eye, you won’t find a more suitable, personalized lash for your needs.


  • Self-Expression
  • We make lashes that power your individuality. Step into your most authentic self with ease, wearing lashes that give your look that final touch.


  • Bold
  • Most lash brands design lashes to help you blend in, but baby, we know you were born to stand out. Our lashes were created for your boldest look yet, with exclusive designs you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Playful
  • Feel sexy, playful, and uniquely you with lashes that add to your style without weighing you down. Our ultimate goal is for you to live life on your terms with artistic costume designs that support your wildest dreams.